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For years the true identity of world-renowned street artist Banksy has been in question. Many theories have been put forwards, no conclusive evidence has ever been forthcoming. That is until now.

A limited edition book is now available which shows the artist, with paintbrush in hand, busy at work painting one of his most famous murals.

The book is a follow up to the 2014 project by Sincura Arts entitled STEALING BANKSY? which explored the social, legal and moral issues surrounding the sale of Street Art. It culminated in an exhibition and sale showcasing the most expensive collection of Banksy street art ever assembled under one roof. Or so we thought as this cloak and dagger exhibition was actually a stunt to secure interest in the world’s first street art museum.

This book reveals the untold story of the exhibition and the pieces that were showcased. It gives a first ever glimpse into the warehouses and processes used to restore these extraordinary artworks back to their former glory. It gives an insight into the future of the notorious workings.

The book finally reveals 2 pictures of Banksy, with brush in hand, painting his now famous artworks. There has never before been conclusive photographic evidence of the illusive street artist painting one of his many pieces..


By buying this book you agree to the terms and conditions below.

Inside the book we display 2 pictures of the artist creating the piece which clearly identifies him. One of them is the image we have blurred on this website, the other is a closeup image. In buying the book you agree to the following:

  1. That you will not reproduce or share any picture from the book including publishing them in the public domain. Each book has an encrypted pixel that allow us to trace each picture to each book.
  2. That you will not use any picture in a legal or criminal proceeding against the artist.
  3. Should any of the above 2 points be breached you agree to a financial donation of £250,000 to a registered charity.

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What would you do if Banksy painted a mural on your house?

If you leave it for the world to see you run the risk of further vandalism and financial penalties on your property. If you remove it you face the wrath of the public. In this book we explore the social, moral and legal issues surround the removal of street art. We step inside the world of The Sincura Group who have become the go-to company for salvaging, restoring and selling Banksy pieces. We show you how they do it, why they do it, and the repercussions from doing it. Is a Banksy on your building a gift or a curse?