is the 2014 project exploring the social, legal and moral issues surrounding the sale of street art.  Though we have been accused of many things during this project, we do not steal art nor do we condone any acts of wanted vandalism or theft. We do not own the pieces of art, nor encourage their removal and to date have made no financial gain from the sales of street art. If assigned to manage a piece of art we ensure the salvage, restoration and sale is carried out in a professional and sympathetic manner.
Frequently Asked questions:
Who are you?
STEALING BANKSY? is a project by The Sincura Arts Club, part of the Sincura Group. Voted Concierge Company of the Year 2013 - The Sincura Group are regarded as the UK's leading concierge and lifestyle company - purveyors of luxury who afford our members' access to the unobtainable. Learn more about us here.
Is what you are doing legal?
We perform extensive due diligence on each piece assigned to us to ensure there are no legal issues surround the ownership, removal or sale of the art. It should be noted that both Scotland Yard and the FBI have issued statements that there is no evidence of criminality involved in the removal or sales of our pieces.
How do you source you pieces?
Contrary to some reports we do not scour the streets for artwork to remove and have never approached anyone to remove their art, nor do we encourage the removal of street art. We are approached by the owners to manage the process, and sit with them to explain the social impact of these activities. We encourage the owners to make a gift to the community following any sale.
For those pieces that have previously been removed and are in hiding we have teams who research and uncover the pieces; we can do this through our extensive networks and unique connections afforded to us.

Why would owners want pieces removed from their premises?

The building owners have not asked for the illegally painted graffiti to be placed on their premises or for the on-going attention received from it. Whatsmore, they run the very real risk of having a grade 2 listing applied to their premises which seriously affects their business operations and resale value. Though loved by the public these are often a hindrance to the building owners. 
Why are you doing it?
Only once we are satisfied that the piece will be removed with or without our assistance do we agree to manage the art. In doing this we can ensure that the work is carried out professionally to ensure the art is maintained and restored to the highest standard. We use the world's leading experts to carry out this highly skilled work. This is performed independently of The Sincura Group, with us neither being involved in, nor benefit financially from, this process. 
Click here to see a full statement from our director about the reasons for our involvement in this project.
How are the pieces removed and restored?
The upcoming documentary STEALING BANKSY? showcases the full process of this highly skilled and sensitive work.

I have a Banksy I wish to sell, can you help?

Please contact to discuss any project.

How do you feel about the impact on the local community?
We are art lovers first and foremost and believe Banksy's work is a gift to the community and should remain on view to be appreciated by the community. To date we have made no profit from the sales of Banksy street art and actively discourage it's removal.

On an art front the council place plastic covers over the artworks in an attempt to protect them. The truth of the matter is that the placing of this cover increases the degradation of the pieces - with increased bacteria build-up and the inability for the wall to breath underneath.  Many of these pieces are on the brink of being lost forever before being assigned to us to bring them back to life. Though our actions may take the pieces out of the public view, our actions also ensure the longevity of the artworks and that they will remain alive forever.
How does Banksy feel about what you are doing?
Though we have no doubt that Banksy does not appreciated his illegally painted artwork being lifted from the streets, we would like to think that he values the fact that his work is being restored to its former glory and that substantial contributions are made to charities.
I am press and would like to report on the show?
We will be holding a press conference for recognised members of the press and media. This will be the official unveiling and you will be the first people in the world to see the pieces in their restored states. Photographs and videos will be permitted between 2pm and 3pm after which all guests will be invited to the press room where they will receive their press packs and can interview the teams behind STEALING BANKSY? including the curators, restorers, and salvage teams. 
Please note that the STEALING BANKSY?  team will be wearing masks at all times during press engagements. To attend please email